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Value Enhancement and Stability: Swap V3 offers users the opportunity to increase their deposited liquidity provision value by 10% to 50%, potentially providing stable returns in the form of a stable coin. Additionally, purchasing GBL coin increases liquidity, contributing to market stability and reducing volatility.

Liquidity provisionSwapping incomeTarget income

1 - 99 USDT



100 - 249 USDT



250 - 749 USDT



750 - 999 USDT



1000 USDT & more



Risk Mitigation: Users have the option to withdraw the initial deposited liquidity provision value after receiving the anticipated return, mitigating risk. This allows users to secure their capital while continuing to participate in swaps with the earned value, reducing exposure to market fluctuations.

Market Impact: By lowering volatility and fluctuations in cryptocurrency markets, Swap V3 can positively impact market dynamics. Stable returns and increased liquidity provided by Swap V3 contribute to market stability and confidence among participants.


Time Limitation: The 30-day timeframe for swap execution may pose a risk if swaps fail to accumulate the desired return within this period. Users should carefully monitor their swaps and consider reinvesting or withdrawing funds based on their individual strategies and goals.

Initial deposited liquidity provision: While Swap V3 offers the potential for increased returns, users should start with small amounts to test the operation and minimize risk. Starting with a small investment allows users to assess the effectiveness of Swap V3 without exposing a significant amount of capital.

Market Dynamics: Despite efforts to stabilize the market, cryptocurrency markets remain subject to inherent volatility and uncertainty. Users should be aware of market risks and exercise caution when participating in swaps, even with the potential benefits offered by Swap V3.

Overview of Swap V3 Operation:

Swap V3 users initiate swaps by depositing USDT or other mainstream coins (BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, ...) into the WawwSwaps smart-contract, by confirming operation in their Metamask wallet. The deposited amount determines the potential exit value of the swap, ranging from 10% to 50% higher than the deposited swapping provision.

Once initiated, the swap receives a timestamp, and the deposited swapping provision is distributed as follows:

  • 40% is distributed proportionally among all active swaps.

  • 30% is allocated to the oldest swap by timestamp. If closed, the remaining part goes to the second oldest swap, and so on.

  • 20% is used to instantly purchase GBL on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

  • 10% is allocated to provide liquidity on the DEX.

Overall, Swap V3 presents a unique opportunity to enhance value, stabilize markets, and boost liquidity through innovative swapping mechanisms. However, users should approach Swap V3 with careful consideration of their risk tolerance, investment objectives, and market conditions.

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