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Swap V2 documentation:

Overview of Swap V2 Operation: Swap V2 marks a significant advancement from Swap V1, aiming to revitalize less-traded or illiquid tokens by introducing a novel feature: the ability to purchase swapping tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and allocate them to the Recycle pool, effectively removing them from global circulation. Users engaging in Swap V2 benefit from a streamlined process, initiating swaps directly from their MetaMask wallet by providing liquidity in USDT or other mainstream cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, etc.) to the Swap V2 smart contract. The provided liquidity determines the potential exit swapping value of the swap, with a target value ranging from 10% to 50% higher than the initial liquidity provision.

Liquidity provisionSwap incomeTarget income

1 - 99 USDT



100 - 249 USDT



250 - 749 USDT



750 - 999 USDT



1000 USDT & more



Liquidity Provision: Upon initiating Swap V2, users contribute liquidity, which is intelligently allocated across various components, ensuring a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. This strategic allocation optimizes liquidity distribution, fosters token revitalization, incentivizes user engagement, and enhances ecosystem sustainability.

Once a swap is initiated, it receives a timestamp, and the liquidity provision is intelligently distributed across the following components:

  • Recycle Tokens (1%): of the liquidity provision is allocated for purchasing recycle tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX), stimulating token revitalization efforts within the ecosystem.

  • Referral/Genesis Blocks (9%): is directed towards chosen referral/genesis blocks, incentivizing user participation and engagement, fostering a robust and vibrant community.

  • Timestamped Closure (40%): of the liquidity provision is allocated to the oldest timestamped block (swap), ensuring fairness and orderly closure of older swaps as the ecosystem evolves.

  • Liquidity Distribution (30%): is distributed proportionally to all active blocks (swaps), facilitating liquidity distribution and network balance, vital for a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

  • GBL Token Purchase (10%): of the liquidity provision is designated for purchasing GBL tokens on DEX, contributing to ecosystem sustainability and enhancing liquidity.

  • DEX Liquidity Provision (10%): The remaining 10% is allocated for liquidity provision on DEX, supplemented by the addition of purchased GBL tokens, reinforcing liquidity pools and market depth, thereby enhancing overall stability.

Principle of Operation: Swap V2 operates on a timestamp-based closure system, inspired by the blockchain Proof-of-Work (POW) concept. Each new swap initiated by users acts as a block, dynamically closing older swaps. This innovative mechanism ensures continuous evolution and efficiency in the token swapping process, mirroring the iterative nature of blockchain transactions.

Value Calculation: Users seamlessly connect their wallets to the WaweSwaps platform and initiate Swap V2 by providing liquidity with mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BNB, USDT, BTC, ETH, and others. The platform instantly calculates the value of Swap V2 into USDT based on the prevailing exchange rate, offering real-time valuation and transparency. This user-friendly approach empowers users to accurately gauge the value of their swaps, enhancing confidence and facilitating informed decision-making.

30 Days Swap V2 Executing Limitation: While Swap V2 offers a dynamic mechanism for token swapping and value extraction, it's crucial to acknowledge its inherent limitations. Swap V2 executions are constrained to a 30-day timeframe from their creation to ensure efficiency and responsiveness to market conditions. Users should carefully assess their swapping needs and consider initiating Swap V2 when it aligns with their objectives. It's advisable to begin swapping with funds that users can afford to allocate without risking their capital.

Our consistent recommendation is to withdraw the initial investment amount after receiving the anticipated return, mitigating the risk for users. This allows users to secure their capital while continuing to participate in swaps with the earned value, reducing exposure to market fluctuations, thereby mitigating potential speculation risks and promoting prudent trading practices.

In simple terms: Once you receive your earned liquidity provision amount, withdraw it and use it as you please. Then, continue your journey on WaweSwaps using only your earned profits. This approach ensures a lasting partnership between us.

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