Key Products and Features

WaweSwaps products and features are curated with beginners and experienced users in mind. Our goal is to support you in all your DeFi pursuits and provide you with a complete suite of tools on a unified platform.

Swap V1

Swap V1 stands as the cornerstone of our ecosystem, revolutionizing token liquidity with its user-friendly and intuitive model. Unlike conventional staking mechanisms, Swap V1 rewards participants through the accumulation and distribution of GBL tokens, derived solely from swapping activities. Users initiate Swap V1 by providing swapping liquidity in GBL tokens, balanced with recycle tokens, calculated based on DEX exchange rates. This innovative model ensures a reward of 36% more GBL tokens than the liquidity provided, irrespective of market prices. As swaps progress, liquidity distribution occurs, with 30% allocated to the oldest swap and the remainder proportionally shared among active swaps. Once a Swap V1 reaches its target value of 136%, it concludes automatically, enabling users to claim their GBL tokens.

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Swap V2

Swap V2 represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, Swap V1, with a focus on revitalizing less-traded or illiquid tokens through innovative features. By allowing users to purchase swapping tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and allocate them to the Recycle pool, Swap V2 effectively reduces tokens from global circulation. This advancement streamlines the swapping process, enabling users to initiate swaps directly from their MetaMask wallet by providing liquidity in USDT or other mainstream cryptocurrencies to the Swap V2 smart contract. The exit swapping value is determined by the provided liquidity, with a potential increase ranging from 10% to 50% compared to the initial provision.

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Swap V3

V3 swap is crafted to accentuate GBL liquidity, amplifying the capabilities of both V1 and V2 swaps. Expanding beyond the Binance SmartChain, it ventures into a multichain network environment, showcasing GBL bridging functionality. In this version, users can seamlessly swap major crypto assets using GBL liquidity. Token recycling is not included, maintaining the pivotal role of DAO voting governance in managing the GBL treasury.

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Bridge GBL

Bridge GBL is a vital tool facilitating seamless GBL token transfers across various blockchain networks like BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. Bridging liquidity is essential for smooth order execution and interoperability, ensuring users can navigate GBL tokens across different decentralized exchange markets. It's crucial to note that GBL bridge requests are subject to specific conditions and executed entirely to maintain secure token transfers. Additionally, WaweSwaps may suggest third-party token bridge providers to enhance token interoperability further.

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